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Hinh Luong

A member of Speech Pathology Australia (SPA). She maintains abreast of developments in the field by undertaking professional development courses with the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA). She has been licensed to practice in New York and Australia.


Along with her Masters in Speech Pathology, she also holds a double major in Psychology (focus on Neuropsychology and Child Development) and Linguistics & Applied Linguistics (with Honours). While studying for her Masters degree, she worked as a Speech Pathologist's assistant in private schools and homes to further enrich her clinical skills.


Hinh has worked in a variety of clinical settings and cultural backgrounds. She graduated and began her career in Melbourne, Australia. In Australia, she was the Speech Pathologist to three state schools. She liaised closely with the Language Support Program leader, class teachers and other specialists to ensure that students were provided with an individualised therapy program. Hinh supervised Masters students on their clinical placements, ensuring they were provided with the clinical experiences and learning required by the University. 


She moved to New York City to further broaden her professional experience, particularly in the field of feeding and swallowing therapy for pediatrics. In New York's Early Intervention program, she received referrals for medically complex cases requiring swallowing and feeding therapy.


Her travels have now taken her to Germany, where she continues to attend seminars, provide consultation to clients and host information workshops for parents and teachers on speech, language and feeding development. She looks forward to working with the wonderfully culturally diverse families who also call Munich home.

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