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Hello, I'm Hinh

I am a Speech Language Pathologist (Masters of Speech Pathology), with Honours in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Major in Developmental Psychology, and certified CELTA (Cambridge English Teaching of Adults) teacher. I am also a specialised pediatric feeding and swallowing therapist. 

And I am a certified phonics instructor. 

My passion in working with children and their families inspired me to provide children in Munich's Eastern neighbourhoods a professionally developed fun, educational English learning course.

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My Story

A Speech Language and Feeding Therapist, I maintain abreast of developments in the field by undertaking professional development courses. I have been licensed to practice in New York and Australia.

Along with my Masters in Speech Pathology, I also hold a double major in Psychology (focus on Neuropsychology and Child Development) and Linguistics & Applied Linguistics (with Honours). While studying for my Masters degree, I worked as a Speech Pathologist's assistant in private schools and homes to further enrich my clinical skills.

I have worked in a variety of clinical settings and cultural backgrounds. I graduated and began my career in Melbourne, Australia. In Australia, I was the Speech Pathologist to three state schools. I liaised closely with the Language Support Program leader, class teachers and other specialists to ensure that students were provided with an individualised therapy program. I also collaborated with the teachers to develop Literacy Programs for their schools. 

I have also supervised Masters students on their clinical placements, ensuring they were provided with the clinical experiences and learning required by the University. 


I was offered a position in New York City, and further broadened my professional experience, particularly in the field of feeding and swallowing therapy for pediatrics. In New York's Early Intervention program, I received referrals for medically complex cases requiring speech, language, swallowing and feeding therapy. 


My travels have now taken me to Germany, where I continue to attend seminars, provide consultation to clients, and English workshops for children. I look forward to working with the wonderfully culturally diverse families who also call Munich home.

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